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Medicare Revalidation

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Timely revalidation with Medicare is crucial to ensuring that your facility and providers remain enrolled with no gap in coverage. In the event that a provider fails to revalidate with Medicare in a timely fashion, billing privileges are deactivated and Medicare will not backdate re-enrollment. The CMS Revalidation Lookup Tool allows anybody to determine when their facility or provider is due for revalidation.

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CAQH ProView

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Nearly all commercial insurance payers, PPOs, HMOs, etc. utilize CAQH ProView for credentialing. CAQH ProView is a free, online credentialing database that streamlines the credentialing process by acting as a central repository for practitioners’ credentialing information. Moreover, CMS directives mandate that health plans contact providers on a quarterly basis to confirm demographic data. CAQH's DirectAssure initiative streamlines this process by allowing provider to view their directory data exactly as it will be presented to participating health plans for publishing in their directories.

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National Provider Identifier (NPI)

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The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is the standard provider identification number used in the healthcare industry. All covered providers are required to obtain and utilize their NPI in adminstrative and financial transactions.

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Medicare Application Fee


CMS requires that certain providers pay an application fee upon enrollment or revalidation with Medicare, as well as in other limited circumstances. The fee amount changes from year-to-year and is imposed in order to help with the costs of administering the Medicare program. The fee amount for 2019 is $586 .

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